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460,00 грн
Manufacturer: Funky-visions
Description Adana (Free Version) This is the free shareware version of the "Adana" template from http://www.funky-visions.de. In this free version you are allowed to: - Modify the templates CSS-files - Modify the templates image-files - Use the template for private & commercial websites   Using this free version you are not allowed to: - Remove/Modify/Blur the footer-backlinks to funky-visions.de in any ways. To prevent people from doing this the index.php file is encrypted.   If you: - Like the template or - Need to modify the index.php file or - Want to use the template for a commercial website or - Want to remove the footer-credits linking back to funky-visions then:   Buy the full version via Paypal or Creditcard for 29,- Euros


* Information for customers, the cost of the template

Prices indicated in the catalog are not the cost of the purchased template. This is the cost of work for its installation on the site.


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