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Google Calendar

It is a of full responsive extension package to let your visitors know about your important events on your Joomla site.
230,00 грн
Manufacturer: Digital Peak


The DPCalendar is an intuitive Joomla calendar, which promises visitors to your Joomla website a smooth event experience. This Joomla calendar allows browsing of your events without the need to refresh the page and you can switch between month, week or day view without page load delays.
Your DPCalendar can be configured to suit your target customers with its many exciting and useful options, such as date format that allows you to fully integrate this Joomla calendar into your Joomla based website. Even the event details page can be fully customized to fit with your website template.
The DPCalendar event management is as easy as working with Joomla articles. The same interface and actions are available so there’s no need to worry about learning a whole new system. This means that your Joomla calendar can be set up with nested calendars, you can configure users with ACL and batch editing and advanced filtering is available in the backend.
Event editing tasks on your fully integrated Joomla calendar such as creating, editing and deleting of events is possible on the frontend to get a really simple and easy user experience. For a quick move of date or time, you can simply use the built in drag 'n’ drop feature. If you want to increase the time slot of an event, a simple resize function allows quick expansion of the time slot.
And of course we support complex recurring patterns like the first Monday of the month.
Here is a list of features the free DPCalendar version offers:

  • Full responsiveness of all views
  • ACL everywhere also who can view the content of events
  • Nested calendars
  • Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design
  • Google map integration
  • Batch editing of events
  • Coloring individual events
  • Upcoming events module
  • Counter module
  • Mini module
  • Downloading events to google calendar and Outlook
  • Search plugin
  • Social share buttons
  • Inclusion of Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments and JComments
  • Native joomla language support
  • SEO optimized with rich snippets (structured data)
  • Drag'n Drop and resize in the frontend
  • Template override support
  • Multiple locations per event
  • Attachment support trough DPAttachments

Demonstration of the component manufacturer's website: http://joomla.digital-peak.com

* Information for customers, the cost of the component

Prices indicated in the catalog are not the cost of the purchased component. This is the cost of work for its installation on the site.


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Google Calendar
230,00 грн

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